A Place To Fit In.

Announcing… Hometown Throwdown: Tournament Edition!

That’s right, this upcoming Monday (the 12th) at 7PM, we’ll be giving away Pixels T-Shirts (that’s the design there on the right) to winners of four different tournaments: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend, and Street Fighter X Tekken.  There is no entrance fee.

Here’s the skinny:

  • SSFIVAE @ 7:30
  • BBCSE @ 8:30
  • UMvC3 @ 9:30
  • SFxT @ 10:30
  • Casuals intermittently all night.

Tournaments begin at those times, so please be signed up before.

Tournaments slots will be first come first serve, with a maximum of 32 entrants each. If space allows, you may sign up for multiple tournaments, but are limited to a single shirt per entrant.

  • All brackets will be single elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches (with best 2 out of 3 rounds, where applicable).
  • All matches will be played with 99 second time limits.
  • Pausing (accidental or intentional) immediately forfeits the round.
  • Arcade sticks will be provided, but if you want to be sure to get one, we would suggest you bring your own.
  • Unless specifically agreed upon by both participants, all tournament matches will be played on PS3s.

Good luck to you all, and remember, there’s no entrance fee, and T-shirts to win!


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