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Hold On To Your Butts…

…because it’s time for another Throwdown!

Throwdown At Kick Butt Coffee This Saturday!

Saturday is coming up, so make sure you’re with us at Kick Butt Coffee! It’s videogames, coffee, and booze—an unbeatable combination.

If you’re not familiar with our friends at Kick Butt Coffee, this should give you some idea of what to expect:

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The festivities begin at 1:30 on Saturday and continue all afternoon, so make sure you’re there! We’ve got retro SNES and Genesis fare, fighting games, and we take requests—so bring your game face no matter what your style is.

Not sure how to get there? THAT’S NO EXCUSE:



Brief Hiatus!

Our live events will be going on a brief hiatus, as we’re moving apartments this month. Have no fear, though—we’ll be back on the week of August 6 (exact date and time TBD), and you can reach us here on the website or on Facebook/Twitter until then!

Hometown Throwdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

Our first Austin Throwdown was a huge success, so we’re going to do it again! Come back out to Mister Tramps on Monday, March 12th, at 7pm for more fighting games. If you missed the first round, this is your chance. We’d love to see all you Austin peeps drop by!

Here’s the Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/199945473444605/

Be sure and RSVP (and follow us on Facebook and Twitter).

Here are the details:

Announcing…Hometown Throwdown!

Hometown Throwdown is a one-night event devoted to all things gaming, with a special eye towards local competition. And for our first time out, what could be more competitive than an all-out brawl?

Whether you want to sharpen your skills against the best of the best, scrub out some casuals, or just enjoy the atmosphere and drinks, come down and witness the start of an Austin tradition.

Join us at Mister Tramps on February 19, at 7:00pm, for a night of beer, good company, and fighting games!

Big News!

Stay tuned and watch this space, we have big news coming up this week!

Welcome to Pixels!

Pixels is a bar for people who love videogames.  If you’re a gamer, come on down to our first location in Austin Texas, play some games, and have a drink.

If you’re looking to get updates on the latest happenings at the bar, follow us on Facebook, or on Twitter at @pixelsbar!

Rock On!

If you have questions, you can reach us at info@pixelsbar.com!