A Place To Fit In.

What We Do, And What We Can Do For You


Pixels hosts videogame-themed events at bars and coffee shops in the Austin area.

We cater to everyone from the hardcore tournament goer, to people who have never picked up a controller before. Our most popular event is a bi-monthly get-together at Kick Butt Coffee called Hometown Throwdown, which averages 70-80 people per event, resulting in over $1000 of added revenue for the venue. We’ve also done events at the Scoot Inn, Mister Tramps, and the Easy Tiger, just to name a few.

The philosophy behind our events is simple: videogames are a social activity, and play brings people together.

Private/Corporate Events

We also host and/or supplement private events, giving party-goers an activity that allows them to bond in an unexpected way.  People form more substantive connections, and who wants to go to an office party where everyone talks about work anyway?  And even better: we take requests.  Tetris?  Smash Brothers?  Paperboy?  We can make it happen.

To find out more about what we can do for your event, contact us: